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   Mobile Massage Now Available: Receive treatment in your very own space!                                                                                                                                                   Book Now on MassageBook.com!

Covid-19 Update: I adhere strongly to the universal sanitation precautions as stated by the CDC. Treatment areas and equipment are thoroughly sanitized for each and every client. I will wear a mask for the duration of our interaction for your safety. 

Thank you for choosing TiGar Bodywork. Whether you are in chronic pain, overstressed, or just looking for some routine maintenance, TiGar Bodywork is a sure bet when it comes to restoring ease, balance, and flow in the body. Bodywork is not a luxury, it’s a necessity for active individuals!

My name is Timothy Garrison, the owner and operator of TiGar Bodywork.  I am an experienced, highly-trained therapist, with an innovative, intuitive approach to maximize your body’s healing potential. My focus is to help your body recognize and reorganize old pain and tension patterns, so that a new, more functional you is able to emerge. I will also work with you to identify behaviors and postures that are contributing to your symptoms and give you effective self-treatment options for you to stave off symptoms in the future. Cultivating client self-awareness & empowerment are a top priority.

My specialties include:

Myofascial Awareness: My primary modality. The focus is on releasing soft-tissue tension patterns held in the fascia, allowing the body to soften and bringing the body back into structural alignment. Clients typically experience long-lasting relief from stubborn, chronic pain. A great choice for all musculoskeletal & postural issues. 450+ hours of training in John Barnes Myofascial Release. 

Meditative Touch: A totally original technique, newly born from my deepening meditation practice fused with over 14 years of bodywork experience. Essentially, I teach you a very effective meditation method to focus on body sensation with the help of my steadying touch. This type of meditation, Insight Meditation, is extremely healing and can rid the body of tension and holding patterns with minimal exertion. It is my hope that you use the skills we develop in session to start or bolster an in-home meditation practice. 

Relaxation Massage: I use my own organic massage oil blend and rhythmic, flowing techniques to flush out tissues, hydrate skin, and ease general tension throughout the body. A great choice if your body is craving care and nourishment. 

What to expect in a session:

First, we will sit down and discuss your specific issues and highlight your goals for the session. I will custom-tailor a treatment that will best suit you based on my experience and knowledge. We will also discuss the best strategy for you moving forward. Your security, comfort, and trust are my number one priority! 



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