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 Hello! My name is Timothy Garrison LMT, the owner/operator of TiGar Bodywork (TiGar is a combination of my first and last name). Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little bit about me. Your trust, comfort, and satisfaction are my number one concerns.


I believe our mission in life is to heal ourselves. In order to get maximum fulfillment out of life, we need to learn how to let go of old patterns, whether they are physical, mental, or emotional limitations. By letting go of the old, we welcome in the New; we welcome in Ease, Grace, and Balance.  Old patterns are laid down to protect us from our environment in some way; from trauma, injury, stress, repetitive postures, pain, etc. For many of us we are still protecting against events that have come and gone in our life, but our minds are so busy doing, that they go unnoticed. These patterns accumulate over time and begin to weigh us down. They can manifest in the soft tissue and start to solidify causing symptoms to arise. These patterns also take a huge toll on the energy of the body. Its like carrying an invisible elephant on your back day in and day out.

Bodywork can bring attention to the “elephant” by bringing the mind & body together through touch over time. I broker a peace of sorts, allowing the body & mind space to communicate, and your body begins to let go of tension and heal itself. It is a unique experience for each individual as every person has a different story that is written into their tissues. I assure you, your body is screaming for your mind’s attention. Allow me to be the diplomat who sets the stage and guides the two of them through your story. Unburden yourself and experience true healing today!


I graduated top of my class from The Nat’l Academy of Massage Therapy & Healing Sciences in 2006. I stared out in the Spa industry but quickly gravitated towards pain-relief type therapy vs. relaxation work. I have worked at a number of Chiropractic offices in the area and in 2013, opened up my own private practice in Chalfont. In 2016 I forsook most of my possessions and moved to Istanbul, Turkey where I spent 6 months experiencing a very different culture and shared my expertise with others. I returned stateside in November 2016 and spent all of 2017 at The Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, PA as a member of their Health & Wellness Center. In January of 2018, I moved to Sellersville to put down roots again, reconnect with family, and seize the opportunity to work at the newly established Shanteel Yoga Sanctuary.

I started out practicing primarily deep-tissue massage for a number of years, but in 2011 found the John Barnes Approach to Myofascial Release (MFR). I found deep tissue work to be very hard on both my body and the bodies of my clients. When I discovered MFR, I found a system that worked with the body instead of against it. It has totally revolutionized the way I look at healing and my role in the process. I have taken over 450 of continuing education since 2011. I continue to educate myself on a regular basis so that I put myself in the best possible position to help you.

I have also been an avid meditator since 2015. It has been a familiar friend along the path of my personal growth and healing. Initially my practice started out as some trial and mostly error on my part, having read enough of the subject to peak my curiosity but not enough to be really sure where or how to stick and grow.  At the end of 2019, I participated in my first 10 day, silent residential retreat at a Goenka Vipassana center in Delaware. Suffice it to say, the experience blew my conceptual/perceptual doors off. I was reeling for a few weeks after but found a solid home in The Unified Mindfulness System (UM) as informed by the life-work of Shinzen Young. Not only did UM help to orient me after the immensity and intensity of my retreat experience, it opened me up to the support of a wonderful and diverse community of regular people just like me who were doing their best to make sense of the world around them to enhance their lives. Since then my practice has taken off.  I have participated in three 7+ day virtual retreats thus far in 2021 with UM, which has greatly enhanced my practice and also inspired me to undergo and complete their Pathways Training Program, making me a Level 2 UM Coach. I am eager to share this system with others!


I am a lover of the outdoors and regularly seek to immerse myself in nature in order to unplug my brain and recharge my body. I love to camp, hike, observe wildlife, etc. I love to cook. I believe that food is the medicine to best heal our bodies. I am a regular meditator, enjoy practicing yoga, and working out. I believe it is very important to exercise my body & mind so that I am in a rooted place to better help others. 

Thank you for reading about me. I look forward to hearing your story and helping you on the way to Wellness!


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