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Intensive Treatment Specials

Intensive Treatment Specials

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At Tigar Bodywork you are rewarded for your commitment to making positive lasting change in the body. 

Intensive treatments are a groups of 4 sessions, in close succession, to maximize your healing potential and body awareness.  


There are 3 Options:

2 Week Intensive - 4 sessions over the course of 14 days:  20% off

4 Week Intensive - 4 sessions over the course of 28 days:  15% off

8 Week Intensive - 4 sessions over the course of 56 days:  10% off 


    Further your commitment to positive change by choosing: 60, 75, or 90 minute sessions. 

Individual sessions are great for addressing excess tension and holding patterns in the body. Generally people get relief for a few days and some new insights into their particular structural issues and the causes behind them. However, we are creatures of habit and soon lose that body awareness in the shuffle of daily life and slip back into old patterns. Intensive treatments do not allow your body enough time to fully relapse and continue to delve deeper into the roots of your particular patterning. One session builds upon the other, each one taking you a little deeper into the root of your body’s unique tensional puzzle.  

Whether you are experiencing chronic pain, misalignments, stress & anxiety, or are just interested in maintenance care, intensive treatment can help you take a large step in the direction of overall health and wellness. EVERYONE benefits from intensive treatments

Intensives are recommended whenever you have the time and resources to commit. Once a year is good for folks looking for routine maintenance and wellness care. Those with more chronic, stubborn issues, high stress levels, etc benefit from intensives scheduled more regularly. 


Intensive Treatment Packages include:

  • 4 -60 minute sessions over the selected time period.
  • In-depth initial consult to go over goals and desired outcomes for treatment
  • custom-tailored treatment focused on your specific needs, building on the work of the previous session. 
  • Follow-up support after each session about lifestyle modifications and home treatment options to bolster your success


**Intensives are a great gift idea for a colleague, friend, or loved one. **


Take This Opportunity to Clear Out the Clutter

     Much like forgotten items clutter up a home, an overstimulating, active lifestyle clutters up the body & mind. Hurtling through life, multi-tasking, and constantly moving onto the next task puts enormous strain on the nervous system, leaving a lot of loose ends that don’t quite fully process.  Over time these accumulate and become rooted in the subconscious, giving rise to many symptoms in the body including: pain, tension, fatigue, anxiety, lethargy, and dis-ease. This becomes a self-fulfilling process, as staying busy can be a means to avoid feeling the toll busyness takes on the body. 

     Regular bodywork is one way to begin to clear out the clutter. Myofascial Awareness brings awareness to these patterns of holding, so that they may be brought into the light of consciousness, liberating you from the debilitating effect they have on your body and mind. The most effective way to initiate this process is by receiving a series of treatments in a short period of time to break the cycle of dysfunction.


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