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Instruction and Guidance in the Unified Mindfulness Meditation System

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Mindfulness is a quality of attention that one can cultivate over time, to enhance their overall experience of life in any given moment. 

The Unified Mindfulness System is unique in that it trains mindfulness by targeting 3 Core Skills:

  1. Concentration: Our ability to focus on what we want to focus on in any given moment.
  2. Sensory Clarity: Our ability to track and untangle our experience as it unfolds moment to moment. 
  3. Equanimity: Our ability to remain open to our experience whether pleasant or challenging. 

Unified Mindfulness or UM,  is a clearly defined, scientifically informed, systematic approach to meditation:

  • UM is designed to be inclusive of all individuals of any age,  background, or experience level.
  • UM’s many options for practice make it an engaging, creative, and effective practice whether "on your cushion" or engaged in your daily life. 
  • UM is universal; it lays out the map for the entire meditative landscape to help you quickly orient yourself and your experience for immediate, consistent,  and continual results. 


If you are new to meditation, the Unified Mindfulness approach is extremely fertile ground from which your practice will grow and thrive. If you are an experienced meditator with a regular practice, the UM system can help you gain insights into your practice and offer you greater flexibility when challenges arise. 

Training the skill of Mindfulness can help:

  • Minimize suffering
  • Maximize fulfillment
  • Better understand yourself
  • Act more skillfully
  • Serve from love


The Initial 90 Minute Instruction includes:

  • A consultation highlight your interest in mindfulness and discuss prior experience and expectations of the practice
  • Thorough instruction on the See, Hear, Feel technique that will allow you to effectively take ANY sensory experience and use it to foster concentration, clarity, and equanimity. 
  • Multiple opportunities to practice See, Hear, Feel with guidance, ask questions about the practice, and make it truly yours.
  • Strategies for incorporating a daily practice into your schedule and troubleshooting common obstacles to practice

          You will leave the class with the confidence and momentum to start a fertile mindfulness practice of your own. 


I also offer 30 minute Support Sessions:

  • Relieve guidance and support to keep you on track, motivated, and confident. 
  • Address any questions or challenges you might have. 
  • Introduce new strategies/concepts based on your specific experiences, preferences, challenges
  • Ensure that you stick with your practice and continually cultivate results.

As with any practice, individual sessions may go well or be downright challenging, but it is the big picture that is important; Consistent practice (10+min/day) will yield strong results over time. 



Additional Meditation Instruction Modules also available:

  • Continue to learn a variety of techniques in the UM system
  • Build upon and reinforce the skills you already have learned
  • Add options for practice that allow you to adapt and appreciate a wider variety of life situations


You have the option to meet with me in person or through Zoom.

Group training is also available. 


Initial 90 Minute Instruction: $80

30 Minute Follow-up: $40


For more info, please call Tim @ 215.353.7717

Or email @ tigarbodywork@gmail.com


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